Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I'm still working away on my bright cotton rug!  Thanks to Victoria, who mentioned that this would make a nice poolside mat, I have been calling her "Cabana".  I really duded her up with the rickrack striping in tangerine and raspberry.
Besides my rug, my other work in progress this week involves sorting, inspecting, and listing some of the many vintage sewing patterns that I've been accumulating.  I love these stylin' ladies!
And seriously!  If I looked this fashionable in a housecoat I might just wear one all the time.  I have plenty more where these two came from, so I'd better get busy and start counting pattern pieces.  Listing patterns is kind of labor intensive for me because I don't sew- there's nothing intuitive about all of those delicate pieces.  I'm hoping I will get faster as I move along.
I have a question for you sewing people.  I hear that it is possible to adjust any pattern for sizing- that you aren't limited by the size on the package.  I've seen tutorials for this on the web (like HERE and HERE), and have often wondered if people do this often and/or successfully.  Do you have experience in this area?   Please leave a comment!


Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Loving your rug Jennie. Those zingy colours are just too cool :o)

I have quite a few dress patterns to pop on too....Yes, as far as I know it IS possible to alter and change the sizes of any dress long as you have the know how.

I have no experience of doing this other than altering once they are on, so I can't help you there my lovely.

Happy listing my dear!
Love n big hugs,
Donna xxOOxx

Ribbons Undone said...

So glad I could be helpful. Honored. Thanks, Jennie. "Cabana" is the perfect name for this item! Be sure to tag it for summer pool fun. SPLASH!