Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's Favorite Fabric Finds

Oh my goodness!  The fabrics I have to share today are GOR.GEE.US!!!  I can't believe I found even one of them, let alone four:

Sick, right?  The second one down is 100% cotton, too!  The last one... the LOVE one?  I couldn't get over its mod grooviness.  I was thrashing around in the thrift aisle with that one, madly checking for the tag to make sure it was real vintage and not some new-fangled lookalike.  Yeah baby- total 70s.
I had something awesome happen the other day, and I just have to share!  Anyone who's been reading over the last few months knows I'm working hard to find my way back to my slim self.  Well, as I grew bigger and bigger over the years, I slowly donated my "thin" clothes as I grew more certain that I'd never fit into them again.  I'm at a point where most of my pants are way too big.  I've been belting them and hoping to just limp along until it gets warm enough to just buy new capris/shorts for the summer. 
So, as I was moving some things around in my laundry room the other day, a glimpse of khaki peeked out at me from the bottom of my "iron these things someday" pile.  Further investigation turned up not one, not two, but FOUR pairs of bottoms that now fit me!  Manna from heaven!  It was like finding money in your pocket, but better!  Happy dance, happy dance!  I realize this says quite a bit about the state of my laundry room, since I know I haven't worn these pants for about 3 years, lol!  Don't judge me, OK?  ;)


Ribbons Undone said...


Um, I iron EVERY Tuesday--now, don't judge me!!!

Love the fabric finds, especially the second one. Great stuff, and I know you'll work magic with them.

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Oh Jennie, Love, love, love that you had a happy pants dance day!! :D
I can just picture how you felt slipping into those strides!(trousers/pants). You go girl!!

(The less said about the fact that they are in your laundry room waiting to be ironed for about THREE years, the better :D :D lol)
You crack me up! :)

I'm just so happy for your weight loss and healthyness!!!

Love the fabrics my sweetie!
I think my fav is the second one down this week, but loving them all really!


unowho said...


Shari said...

LOL... You are so funny.. no judgement here!
Have a nice weekend!