Monday, May 21, 2012

Makeover Monday Part 1: 5/21

The gardening rule of thumb around these parts is, "Don't plant anything until after Mother's Day".  So, I've waited.  Now I'm ready to turn this planter back into something we love to look at every day.  Time was spent this weekend mixing up potting soil and peat moss, finding the right size rectangular liner, and thinking about what flowers will work best this year.  Today will not be the day it gets done, however, since it is pouring rain- with thunder and lightning even.  Unless Mother Nature plans to do this every day this week, I WILL be back with the "after" photo one day soon.
So tell me, what's the gardening rule of thumb where you live?  My aunt in Michigan told me that up there it's, "Don't plant anything until after Memorial Day"!
This last full week of May should be a medium busy one around our house.  I have to get the car in for an oil change, and I have my annual eye doctor's appointment.  Blast that "air puff in the eye" test!  Here's hoping this isn't the visit where they tell me I need bi-focals.  Who wants to hear THAT a couple weeks before turning 44?  What do you have going on this week?  Do tell!


Shari said...

Oh my... well lets see.. This whole month has been a very busy one.. Daughters b-day on the 13th. Stepson Graduation is tonight..Tomorrow is my son's b-day....last day of school is Wed....Sisters b-day is the 28th...and my little nephew b-day is on the 31st....That is what is going on with me! :) :) :)Shari

Jennie said...

Holy cow, Shari! Your May is like my November... tons of family birthdays all at once. I hope you enjoy all of your events :)

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Looking forward to your 'after' photos :o)

I hate the air puff bit too :o(

I have no pleanned plans this week other than finishing a few crafty bits.
I do *need* to have a jolly good clear up too. I've been so busy these past couple of weeks, that the housework has taken back seat (well, I mean, it usually does - but even more so lately :o)

We don't leave anything planted out 'uncovered' until 'Mays out'. :D

Happy evening dear Jennie :o)

Ribbons Undone said...

Raining here today too. We were going to have a sprinkler system installed today, but that's out.

No gardening rules here: we usually just kind of wing it in May!