Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don't Whine....Twine!

I've been in full-on *feel sorry for myself* mode the last two days. My dental visit on Tuesday has resulted in two more future visits, the prospect of a great deal of pain and suffering, and many hundreds of dollars out the window.

In order to keep my mind off of the tooth nightmare at hand, I've been happily playing with my new bold, eco-friendly baker's twine purchased from The Twinery. Clicking on the logo above will bring you straight to their website...but be careful- this twine is GORGEOUS! They shipped very quickly, the twine is just as beautiful in person, and they ship internationally, too.
I purchased the Caribbean, Peapod, Pink Sorbet, and Maraschino. These gift tags will be part of the holiday goodies for sale in sosorosey. I'm thinking of offering them as a set of 4, but I also wonder about the idea of having a listing for individual tags as well. Do you think someone might want to purchase just one special tag? Your feedback is very appreciated!


Sonja said...

Oh, they are lovely! I most definitely think folks would desire just one as a special tag for that special gift. The shipping wouldn't be much, being light, and it would add so much. Great idea.

BizzyDays said...

I love the way this twine crochets up Jennie :)
Yes, I think that people would want to purchase just one for that special gift.
I dislike the dentist too. But Jennie, it's not dollars out of the window, it's a must for your health. There's nothing worse than toothache! (well a few things, but you know what I mean :) )
Don't let it get you down :)
Take care jennie,
Hugs (( ))
Donna x

CelticKnot said...

Your stars are awesome, Jennie. I think the more options you have in your shop, the better. Someone might want just one star, but won't purchase the full set. I think having one star in each color available in your shop would be a smart idea.