Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Special Song

I'm not sure why this song has been on my mind the last couple of days. Maybe it is the Back-to-School feelings coming on. This was the father~daughter dance song at my wedding. Not a dry eye in the house, I tell ya. Hope it moves you the way it does me.


The wing and the wheel... they carry things away

Whether it's me that does the leavin' or the love that flies away.

The moon outside my window looks so lonely tonight

Oh, there's a chunk out of it's middle... big enough for an old fool to hide

Where are all the dreamers... that I used know?

We used to linger beneath street lamps in the halos and the smoke

The wing and the wheel... came to carry them away

Now they all live out in the suburbs

where their dreams are in their children at play

There's a pale sky in the east... all the stars are in the west

Oh, here's to all the dreamers... may our open hearts find rest

The wing and the wheel are gonna carry us along

And we'll have memories for company... long after the songs are gone


Mamasan said...

I had forgotten all about how sweet that song and dance were until I read your blog! It was grand to reminisce for just a little bit...thank you!

CelticKnot said...

That is very sweet, Jennie. Thank you so much for sharing. When is your anniversary?

Jennie said...

My anniversary is June 8th. We celebrated 8 years of marriage this past year :)

Ribbons Undone said...

I always find that some songs just have deliciously wonderful lyrics that can really hit home--some times they almost seem tangible.

Ribbons Undone comes from a song titled "Ribbons Undone."

Wow--eight years? You're practically still newlyweds!