Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Most Special Project

I was recently contacted by a new mother hoping to have a toy basket made to match her daughter's beautiful nursery.
~*~ After poking around in my shop and seeing items like this bowl, she decided she would really like to send me some personal fabrics to work with.
The other day I received a big box full of well loved receiving blankets and some extra special items as well- some things that belonged to baby Stella's grandmother. Including these in the basket is such a meaningful, poignant way to embody their connection; they had only one month to get to know each other here on Earth.

The fabrics pictured are the ones I will use to supplement the basket as necessary. The customer's fabrics will be showcased in the midsection of the basket.


The bottom photo is what I have completed so far. When finished, this bucket will be 18" wide and about 8" tall, with slot handles on each side. I look forward to working on this priceless heirloom every chance I get. I will be back with photos of the finished product in a week or so, and if we hope very hard, maybe this busy mom will even be able to share photos of the basket once it is home in the nursery, too!


CelticKnot said...

Wow. Jennie, you continue to amaze me. I can tell that this is going to be a very beautiful, very special basket. I'm looking forward to seeing it completed. :-)

m.rockhound said...

WOW...wonderful project to have the honor of working on! Can't wait to see the final exciting!